NeSCoR was launched in 1999 and was accredited by the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences KNAW in 2000. In 2004-2005, NeSCoR research and training was assessed by an international committee of experts in the field and was KNAW-reaccredited. In 2012 NeSCoR was granted re-accreditation by ECOS and KNAW for the period 2013-2018.

Participating universities

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Free University Amsterdam
University of Amsterdam
University of Twente


Radboud University Nijmegen
Graduate School of Communication at the University of Amsterdam

The Netherlands School of Communication Research NeSCoR is the national research school and PhD program in communication science, which unites all Dutch universities offering teaching programs in communication science that are rooted in the social and behavioral tradition. NeSCoR is thus related to all bachelor, master, and research master curricula in communication science in the Netherlands, which teach on average 3000 graduate and undergraduate students. NeSCoR figures prominently in both national and international academic communities: The school has over 90 full members, who are all researchers in communication science with a publication track record in international journals and books. The English-language PhD program includes some 70 students and an average of 15 dissertations is defended annually. NeSCoR attracts funding from the Dutch national science foundation NWO as well as a number of other science foundations and conduct contract research for a number of governmental and non-governmental organizations. NeSCoR faculty is well represented in international communication organizations and is on the editorial boards of nearly all major international communication journals.


NeSCoR office
PO box 15793, 1001 NG Amsterdam,