About NeSCoR


The criteria for full membership

According to the documentation on which KNAW based its recognition of NeSCoR in 2000, individual faculty membership is contingent upon fulfilment of a number of criteria. Read more about the criteria for NeSCoR full membership here.

Full membership

Full membership can apply to faculty members with a research appointment at one of NeSCoR’s home institutions, provided they have obtained a Ph.D. and have fulfilled the criteria for full membership.

NeSCoR may occasionally also allow faculty members with a research appointment at other academic institutions than those associated with NeSCoR, in which case the same provisions apply.

Ph.D. students

Ph.D. membership applies to all Ph.D. students registered with one of NeSCoR’s home institutions. Ph.D. membership cannot extend a period of the equivalent of four years full-time in total.

Associate membership

This applies to researchers with a research appointment at one of NeSCoR’s home institutions but: who have finished their Ph.D. less than three years ago, or who did not have an academic research appointment for the last three calendar years. Associate membership can last for a maximum of three calendar years, including the year in which the research appointment started.


This membership category accredits researchers for their contribution to the NeSCoR research. Fellowship may arise from a longstanding collaboration with of the NeSCoR research groups or be awarded after retirement.