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All PhD students registered with one of NeSCoR’s participating or partner universities can be registered as NeSCoR PhD Students. Formal registration with NeSCoR through the registration form is required to receive the NeSCoR discount on courses organized by participants and partners, and to be eligible for the NeSCoR Dissertation Award. If your name is not below on this webpage you can fill out the form to register for the NeSCoR PhD Student membership. Questions may be sent to the NeSCoR office by e-mail: info@nescor.nl

Once we have received your form we will ask NeSCoR management of your research institute for confirmation. If they confirm that you are a PhD student at their institute, your name will be added below on this webpage and to the NeSCoR mailing list for courses and announcements.

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NeSCoR PhD Students


UvA: drs M. Alblas


UvA: drs G. Bartholomé

UvA: drs. E. Boers

EUR: drs. L. Bolderman

UvA: drs. S. Bolle

EUR: drs. B. Boross

UvA: drs. C. Brenes Peralta

UvA: drs. F. Broekman

UvA: drs. A. Brosius


UT: drs. P. Cornelissen


RU: drs. S. Daalmans

UvA: drs. A. Damstra

UvA: drs. T. Dobber

EUR: drs. J. van den Dool

EUR: drs. S. Driessen


EUR: drs. J. von Engelhardt


UT: drs. M. de Graaf

VU: drs. B. van Grinsven


UT: drs. M. Haagsma

UvA: drs. M. Hameleers

EUR: drs. S. Hille


EUR: drs. R. Jacobs

UT: drs. S. Janssen

UT: drs. C. Jaschinski

UvA: drs. J. Jonkman


UT: drs. S. Kelders

EUR: drs. A. Kersten

UvA: drs. G. Kitirattarkarn

UvA: drs. M. Klaassen

VU: drs. C. Klemm

EUR: drs. M. Kleppe

EUR: drs. E. Koopman

UvA: drs. A. Kroon


EUR: drs. J. Michael

EUR: drs. L. Mosemghvdlishvili


EUR: drs. J. Neys

UvA: drs. M. Nguyen

EUR: drs. S. van Noord


UT: drs. V. Okken

UT: drs. M. Oudshoorn-Fuller


UT: drs. R. Pijls-Hoekstra

VU: drs. X. Plaisier

EUR: drs. N. van Poecke

UvA: drs J. van de Pol

UvA: drs. T. Powell


UvA: drs. F. Rauwers

UvA: drs. Rodriguez Hidalgo

VU: drs. C. Roth


UvA: drs. R. Sanders

UT: drs. A. Scheerder

UvA: drs. W. van der Schuur

VU: drs. G. Siddiqui

UvA: drs. M. Smink

VU: drs. M. Spekman

UvA: drs. N. Strauß


UT: drs. L. Vermeij

UT: drs. R. Voorn

UT: drs. M. Vos


UvA: drs. A. van der Wal

UvA: drs. S. Waterloo

EUR: drs. Y. Wijngaarden

UvA: drs. V. Wottrich


UvA: drs. R. Zendedel

UvA: drs. W. van Zoonen