Ph.D. Program

The aim of NeSCoR’s PhD program is to produce highly qualified researchers for three types of career trajectories:

  • An academic career in the field of communication science.
  • A career in the field of applied research, for instance in research departments of communication organizations (e.g., public broadcasters, publishers), in market and opinion research companies, and governmental research institutions.
  • A career in managing communication activities of institutions and organizations.

Experience shows that these three types of career trajectories correspond closely to current needs in the labor market.

The main aim of the NeSCoR PhD program is to promote the training of young academics in the study of fundamental scientific research issues in the field of communication science. Students in the NeSCoR PhD training program are trained to extend, deepen and actively apply their knowledge of theories and methodologies in communication science, so as to become fully qualified, independent researchers in the field of communication. In addition to extensive knowledge of theory and methodology in communication science, the program promotes reflection, not only on one’s own research project, but also on social scientific and communication research in general. Finally, the program promotes skills that can contribute to the advancement of a scientific career.

Please note that as of January 2010, PhD training is no longer organised by NeSCoR, but by the local Graduate Schools of the NeSCoR partners.

The NeSCoR PhD program, consists of two parts: Research and training. As of 1 January 2010, PhD training is delegated to the local Graduate Schools of the five NeSCoR partners. Most of the courses that were previously offered by NeSCoR, have been taken over by the Graduate School of Communication at the University of Amsterdam. For more information see: Graduate School