The aspirations of NeSCoR as an academic school are defined in terms of subject and methodology. Communication, its structures, functions and effects for individuals, organizations and society is the center of our attention as scholars, and we use empirical evidence to investigate this subject. NeSCoR strives to contribute directly to international research debates in the discipline. This means that our research aims to conform to the highest international standards of academic quality and that we aspire that the NeSCoR research is disseminated in international outlets and platforms. Since NeSCoR is the only Dutch national research school in the field of communication, some resources are devoted especially to the study of the Dutch media, the Dutch communication landscape, and communications in the Netherlands. The contributions of NeSCoR to the study of the Dutch communication infrastructure and Dutch communication have a direct societal relevance. Research programs define those research themes in which NeSCoR faculty and Ph.D. students invest during the relevant period.

Research program

The NeSCoR research program addresses developments in media and communications in four research clusters. These clusters include both traditional communication themes and new sub-fields:

Communications, Management and Policy, cluster leader: prof. dr. J.A.G.M. van Dijk

Media, Entertainment and Culture, cluster leader: prof. dr. S. Janssen

Persuasive communication, cluster leader: prof. dr. H. Beentjes

Political communication and journalism, cluster leader: prof. dr. J. Kleinnijenhuis